Don't be caught at the end of the world without it

Time to add a new Apocalypse

Yes, I’ve reset the clock for the end of the world. Since the last two doomsdays failed to appear (whew!) I’ve set the clock for – of course – December 21, 2012! Get your Mayan party juice on! This is the big one. All the planets line up, and all the higher and lower consciousness is going to hit the rafters. So buckle up for the ride!

Build an adobe house, get a rain catcher, plant vegetables in your tiny garden.

Tomatoes in the sun, peas in the shade. Broccoli in the shade of the tomatoes. Kale. Lettuce. Get your armageddon on with a tasty survival salad. The less crap you buy at the supermarket, the more likely you won’t be eaten by zombie cannibals – because you will be bigger and stronger, and can out run the bastards…

We’ll talk about herbs on our next episode. The apocalypse doesn’t have to be bland!

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4 hours until THE END

Brush your teeth, comb your hair, sit back, and enjoy the fireworks


I can’t wait. Got my planet insurance policy all in order. Packed my food, favorite DVD’s and some jugs of water for the big day. Where are YOU going to be when the earth explodes at the end of the week????

6 Days to Rapture (again)

In 6 days, the rapture will occur. (according to Oakland minister Harold Camping) That means all the faithful will be air lifted to a safe house somewhere outside the solar system. The rest of us get to stretch our arms out and breathe in all that extra air. There will be less traffic, shorter lines at movies and amusement park rides, and lots of abandoned real estate. Sounds like all us left-behinds will have all the fun!

7 Days until Judgement Day – What’s your flavor?

There are so many ways to go out. But the Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions
all seem to follow the same path – a lake of fire for non believers. (at least in the fundamentalist version). The Norse version has the Frost giants battling on the Vigrid plain, and the Hindus and Buddhists see it as an endless repeating cycle. So what’s your flavor? Or do you have your own idea of how it all ends, or begins? Leave your thoughs here!

14 Days until the End of the World

Stock up on your duct tape and shotgun shells. Defend your food pile.
Set your alarm clock to Armageddon o’clock. Close your eyes tight and pray real hard. And pray you’re on the right team.

17 days until armageddon

How are you preparing for Armageddon? Leave your suggestions here. And find out more with the 2012 Doomsday Calendar – filled with survival tips for when the earth explodes and more!

21 Days until Armageddon! Over 400 Calendars sold yesterday!

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24 Days until the Next Apocalypse

That satellite crashed to Earth – and no fireball, no burning cities, no hellish crater. What an anti climax. With less than three weeks to go, zombies are nowhere to be seen, and there is no magma on my street. I guess that’s a good thing. A few more weeks of easy living until ARMAGEDDON makes landfall. So get your DOOMSDAY CALENDAR and organize your Apocalypse.